Govt gives $1.8m to Auckland game developer

16 Sep 11

The government is giving Auckland-based online game developers Outsmart $1.8 million to encourage the growth of its popular platform, SmallWorlds.

Outsmart will double its staff numbers from 20 to 40 on the back of the funding, as it works to develop a scalable cloud-based platform to allow more people to access SmallWorlds.

"The gaming industry is a lucrative sector,” says science and innovation minister, Wayne Mapp, "and New Zealand businesses in this space need to get a piece of the action.

"Our investments help with this.”

Outsmart received support from the government soon after it started in 2008, and has since amassed more than 6.5 million users worldwide. 

"This is a great example of how the government’s investment in a high-potential business has paid off,” Mapp says.

"SmallWorlds has been able to triple its revenue and double its employees since it received the initial investment.”

Check out SmallWorlds here.

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