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When Gun first appeared it gave players a free-roaming Western wilderness to roam around in, an emotionally charged, well written storyline and solid voice acting with intriguing characters. It was a refreshing change of direction and a welcome new franchise from the Tony Hawk masters, Neversoft. Now Gun Showdown is lined up to appear shortly on the PSP and will keep the original features that made the game a seller – but have additions to suit the handheld as well. Firstly, Showdown will feature six minigame modes (perfect for that bus ride across town), including Hold The Fort which consists of firing a cannon from the top of a hill with the intention of killing the outlaws trying to climb up below, and another mode, Supress the Outlaws which similar to the bounty hunter mode of the single player original, involves killing and capturing outlaws. Poker has now also been revealed as one of the new multiplayer modes for the game. Another one, called Bank Robbery gives you a mission that has you breaking into the vault in the Empire City bank and stealing the gold, before making your escape on horseback.
To go alongside the existing weapons, throwing knifes and a primitive form of landmine have now been included as weapons in Gun Showdown. And if you were fed up of having to chase after your horse after it got scared, there is now a horse whistle which will bring him or her running towards you. Adding to this, your horsey can even be named by you – making it a more important, loyal mode of transport (or side-kick) rather than a living tin of dog-food that you can just discard. Finally, Showdown will have an arguably important mode that the original Gun lacked: multiplayer! Five multiplayer maps will be included, drawn from the original game but with some multiplayer-specific elements, such as sniping points, added in. Up to six players will be able to compete in ad hoc mode, and each player will default to a different character model on your system, so you’ll always have a good idea who you’re shooting.

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