Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology

01 Jun 10

This three-disc DVD set boasts everything you’d ever want to know about the world-renowned Canadian pro-wrestling family.
The first disc includes a documentary spanning the illustrious lives of the entire Hart family. I admired the honesty and realism, as a lot of very sensitive topics are covered.
It was good to see that most of the living Hart family members co-operated with the WWE in order to make this DVD set possible. WWE’s real-life betrayal of Bret Hart is talked about as well as the legal battle the family had with the WWE following the tragic death of Owen Hart. There are happier moments too, including the formation of the notorious ‘Hart Foundation’ and the appreciation the family still gets from its home country of Canada.
Discs two and three feature some of the more memorable full-length matches involving wrestlers from the Hart lineage. Notable additions include the now legendary SummerSlam 1992 match between Bret Hart and The British Bulldog. The two brothers-in-law competed in front of 80,000 fans at Wembley Stadium for the WWE Intercontinental title.
Another great bout is the Steel Cage Match from SummerSlam 1994 where Owen Hart challenged his brother Bret for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. 

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