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Hundreds to compete at xLAN 2011

Hundreds of Kiwi gamers will descend on ASB Showgrounds this weekend as xLAN 2011 comes to Auckland. For three days gamers from all over the country will be trying their hand to win a share of over $60,000 in prizes.

The TelstraClear-sponsored xLAN 2011, New Zealand’s biggest gaming competition, promises something for everyone. Whilst the 500 attendees will be able to frag each other in such staple gib-fests as Counter-stick and Call of Duty, there will be other less dextrous but no less skilful affairs also on offer. A host of strategic brainiacs will also be out-thinking each other playing real-time strategy games like Heroes of Newerth and Starcraft 2, while virtual petrol-heads will be racing for a bit more than virtual pink-slips on the likes of the mind-bending Trackmania Nations.

"Some people will be surprised at the wide range of people playing,” says Steve Jackson, TelstraClear’s consumer head. "While some would argue there are your stereotypical geeks, most of the players are from all backgrounds and ages.

"Gaming as a social and competitive environment has come a long way into the mainstream psyche of our culture in the last decade thanks to the introduction of powerful, online-enabled consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3. Global world championships like WCG, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are given out to the world's best, have also taken gaming from the realm of kids into a skilled, sometimes professional, pursuit.”

As well as being New Zealand’s premier gaming event, xLAN 2011 also plays host to the  WCG qualifiers for New Zealand, the tournament winners going on to represent New Zealand and the chance to compete all the way to the WCG 2011 grand final in Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea.

TelstraClear will also be taking the opportunity to make some announcements at the event for its gaming customers.

The mayhem begins on Friday July 1.

Image: xLAN 2010.

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