FutureFive NZ - If next-gen is similar to PC, why not buy a PC?

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If next-gen is similar to PC, why not buy a PC?

We are down to the final month before the next-gen launch of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

With all the comparisons across the web showing how consoles have adopted a more PC-like approach to their hardware and with both consoles using modified AMD GPU/CPU combinations.

We ask the question – why not just get a gaming PC?

Now, before console owners and PS and Xbox ‘fanboys’ take up arms, let’s look at the biggest misconception about PC ownership.

It’s too expensive I hear you cry – True in the past, but with the next-gen line-up you are looking at paying a premium price.

Let’s look at this is more detail. At an average retailer in New Zealand you are looking at the following;

  • PlayStation 4 - $649

  • PlayStation Eye - $108

  • Extra Controller - $118

  • Games (starting from) - $108

That is a total of $983 for a console with one game and two controllers.

  • Xbox One (including Kinect) - $749

  • Extra Controller - $88

  • Games (starting from) - $108

That is a total of $945 for a console with one game and two controllers.

So as you can see to enjoy a game with a friend you are looking at almost $1000. This does not include online subscriptions or AAA titles – which will cost you more.

So what are your alternatives?

I scouted around Auckland and found that the Computer Lounge offer the above entry level Gen-X Lite gaming rig for $1099. Now I appreciate that it’s almost $150 more than the console but let’s look at what this gets us.

  • AMD 6600K 3.9Ghz CPU

  • 8GB Frostbite DDR3 RAM

  • 500GB SATA3 HDD

  • nVidia GTX650 Superclocked GPU

  • DVD writer

  • 550W 80Plus Gold PSU

  • 2yr warranty

Not to mention 64bit Windows 8 operating system and that all of the above features are upgradable.

This does not include any games, but with a PC you can join the millions currently using services such as Steam, Origin and Uplay to enjoy the benefits of premium titles, with some retailing for less than 50% of their console counterparts.

There's a huge selection of Free to play games, plus you can play PC only and optimised titles such as Starcraft 2, WOW, Civ 5 – the list goes on.

We tested FIFA14 on this set-up and the game ran flawlessly at 60fps at 1920x1080p far higher than any console version for less.

Afterwards we could just load up Outlook or MS Word and continue our work without the need to switch devices.

This machine is also very quiet even under load at sat seamlessly at the side of the living room TV.

Now this machine is not the complete gaming rig by any means but with PC ownership you are free to customize and upgrade your setup when you see fit, unlike console owners who are tied to the hardware until the next consoles arrive in other six to seven years.

You can also choose which control pad you would like to use (if any at all) Xbox 360 pads work almost instantaneously, while with a free programme connecting a PS3 pad is equally as easy.

Even the most enthusiastic console owner cannot say that looks are at the front of the queue with the next-gen offerings so a PC case does not look as cumbersome as it once did with a plethora of materials and colours to choose from.

So if your reasoning for picking up a next-gen console over a gaming PC was price, think again - and contact the guys at the Computer Lounge who could build your new gaming PC for less than you think.

(All prices quoted are for official Sony/Microsoft products and are correct at time of publishing).

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