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iOS review: ANZ Champs

Next to my Harry Potter and Joseph Gordon Levitt obsessions, is all things netball.

From March through to June my weekends and Monday nights are set aside for the Australia and New Zealand annual competition, the ANZ Championships.

It’s the three months of the year I get Sky Sport, and if I watch it in front of anyone, they laugh at me. I won’t check Facebook or the paper or  any of the internets until all games that weekend have been viewed. If I miss a game, I will stay up and watch the replay. I’m ridiculous.

You know what isn’t ridiculous? The fact that this year, they came out with a beautiful, beautiful app for my pleasure.

Via the app you can check up on all the latest stats, the full ANZ ladder, that week’s round and the timetable.

There are dedicated tabs across the bottom of your screen for scores, the ladder, tweets, and a ‘more’ button that takes you a page to links to the ANZ Championship website, news, their Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as links to each franchise’s website.

The scores tab gives you a run down of each round and the points scored by each team in the round. You can click forwards or backwards to see the previous or coming rounds.

The ladder shows you who is sitting top of the lot, their points, shooting percentage as well as their winning and losing streaks. Pretty cool.

The Tweets tab shows you all the tweets made by any of the franchises, the ANZ Championship officials, Netball Australia and Netball New Zealand. Remember you can also follow heaps of the players on Twitter as well.

So while this review will probably only appeal to those who are netball mad like me, it is a really good app. It’s comprehensive, up to date, and easy to use. They should add a gallery to it to make it a bit more interactive, but that would just slow it down. You can visit the ANZ Championship website for that too.

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