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iOS review: Whittaker’s Egg Hunt

April means Easter and Easter means chocolate. And Whitakers makes some of the best chocolate we have in New Zealand, so how grand that they decided to make a fun game for Easter!

This Easter, Whittaker’s have teamed up with the Starship Foundation to bring the world’s biggest egg hunt to New Zealand.

Download The Whittaker’s Egg Hunt app to join the hunt by collecting eggs and earning points. There are 100 giant eggs decorated by top New Zealand artists and designers, hidden across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to collect between 21 March and 22 April.

You can invite your friends to play, gift eggs and share you achievements.

You earn points by collecting eggs or scanning Eggie Codes (like QR codes). In order to collect an egg, you need to get next to one and tap the collect egg button. The app will tell you where the nearest egg is, like “there’s one at Silo Park”. You can also check out the map, which shows you approximate locations of hidden eggs.

All the points you earn add to your chances of winning a Whittaker’s prize in your city as well as the overall national winner.

You can share your results with friends and gift collected eggs, and there is a leaderboard where you can track your score.

The app is cute and has fun graphics, and it’s a fun thing to play this time of year especially when you know it involves your own city and that they are working with Starship.

It’s a great, different app that’s fun for Easter and something you could get your whole family into.

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