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iPad a general disappointment?

The general consensus around the Web seems to be that Apple’s iPad is somewhat of a disappointment, with several major technology sites and commentators weighing in with their disapproval.

Popular technology blog Gizmodo’s Adam Frucci posted a piece entitled ‘Eight things that suck about the iPad’ (which he has since extended to 11 things). Among Frucci’s criticisms are the fact that it does not support multitasking (something he considers to be a dealbreaker) and its lack of HDMI output. Frucci also raised the point that the iPad 3G’s reliance on “microSIMS” will be a problem despite the fact that the device is unlocked because few carriers support them.

Joshua Topolsky from another major technology blog, Engadget, has fairly mixed feelings for the device after his hands-on session, although he seems to lean more towards disappointment. Topolsky praised the iPad’s screen resolution and CPU speed, although he decried its lack of multitasking and even a camera of any description, while also criticising its considerable weight.

The recently hacked TechCrunch site has expressed disappointment in the fact that the iPad will not support Flash-based applications in its Web browser. “The device features browsing as a key element, and there are going to be plenty of people trying to access their casual Flash games and Flash-based video sites, only to be met with that frustrating icon,” writes TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid.

Countless many around the Web are poking fun at the device’s name, with constant ‘iTampon’ jokes flooding the Twitterverse.

Major gaming sites have mostly come away suitably unimpressed, with most agreeing that existing iPhone and iPod Touch games and applications do not translate well to the larger form factor. However, many admitted that apps programmed specifically for the iPad showed promise.

Unsurprisingly, Macworld had only kind things to say about the tablet computer. Dan Frakes praised the iPad’s pricing hierarchy, the fact that it’s not tied to a carrier and also the announcement of iWork: a program that allows users to create and edit presentations, spreadsheets and word-processing documents.

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