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iPhone 5: Will you upgrade?

Do you know the difference's between an iPhone 4S and Apple's new iPhone 5 ?

The iPhone 5 made its debut yesterday to mixed reviews, with some praising the device's exciting new features and others expressing disappointment that Apple left no surprises for the big launch - these new features had already been leaked weeks and in some cases months in advance. However, last year's iPhone 4S saw a similar reaction and still went on to achieve massive sales.

It seems that the average person does not really care about the new iPhone's lack of a quad-core processor and 12-MP camera. Instead they are focusing on the ending contract, the larger display screen and the faster processor.

Most of the people making the change will be iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 users, whereas iPhone 4S users may need to think a bit harder on this one. That's because the iPhone 4S is still a very capable smartphone, featuring the same software as the new iPhone 5. So with no new developments, is it worth the switch?

Software-wise there is nothing exclusive about the iPhone 5; iOS 6 offers the same features on both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. Both come with Panorama Mode, Siri, Facebook integration and the same set of built-in apps. The only difference will be experiencing iOS 6 on a taller display with the iPhone 5.

Under the hood we see some nice improvements. The iPhone 5 is lighter and thinner and the taller display lets you view more apps on your screen and displays more content. You can watch movies in wide screen format and enjoy better quality games. Apple also claims that the A6 chip has twice the performance of the previous A5 chip, and the camera takes slightly better photos - especially in low light.

So the question remains: is it enough to convince you to upgrade? It will be a no-brainer for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners, but for iPhone 4S users it really depends on what you look for in a smartphone. One major consideration is that, as of right now, no networks support 4G (LTE) in New Zealand. By switching to the iPhone 5, you're basically getting a slightly bigger screen, a faster processor/graphics for gaming and a thinner and lighter model. If none of those features matter much to you, then you might as well stick with the iPhone 4S.

So lets compare

(source Apple)

So will you update your iPhone? let us know your thoughts below.

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