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Kiwi gamers head to Sydney for the EB Expo 2016

08 Jun 16

The L.A. gaming extravaganza, E3, is almost upon us. But there’s another gaming expo, a lot closer to home, offering almost exactly the same experience for a lot less cash.

Tickets for the EB Expo in Sydney are now on sale at Dedicated kiwi gamers will be crossing the Tasman at the end of September to check out all the hot new games and hardware on show.

Now in its fifth year, EB Games has transformed the EB Expo with a core focus around gaming, cosplay, pop culture, shopping and e-sports. This year attendees will experience the classics along-side exciting new shows and arenas including the all new epic E-Sports Alley with fantastic games for everyone including kids, parents and pro e-athletes. Featuring more than 2,000 prizes to be won worth over $10,000.

PlayStation VR

“We’ve reinvigorated EB Expo and believe everyone is going to love the changes. The heart of our expo is still gaming but fans asked for more and we listened. This year there’s something for the gamers, pop culture fans, mums, dads, kids and everyone in-between. We are excited with the content so far and look forward to unveiling more soon.” said Brand, Marketing and Events Director Debra McGrath.

The EB Expo is NetGuide’s number one event on the gaming calendar to get hands-on with all the biggest upcoming games. With the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Activision and many more exhibitors already confirmed, this is likely to be the biggest EX Expo yet.

The EB Expo isn’t just about playing games; there’s cosplay competitions, pop culture events and, of course, the biggest EB Games store that you are ever likely to set foot in.

EB Store

Previous EB Expos have given attendees exclusive looks at upcoming games. This year gamers can test out Sony’s PlayStation VR and and see what the VR revolution is all about.

Be sure to check back as more EB Expo 2016 information becomes available.  

The EB Expo 2016 is on from 30th September to 2nd October at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.  

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