FutureFive NZ - Kiwi lingo, from ‘eh’ to zed

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Kiwi lingo, from ‘eh’ to zed

If you’re looking for a laugh (perhaps over a cuppa or a cold pint), check out www.newzealandslang.com
It’s the ultimate Kiwi slang repository. If you don’t know your "good as gold” from your "Girl Guide Biscuit”, here’s the place to get up to speed.
If you’re a Kiwi born and raised, you’ll find yourself laughing over the hilarious idioms of the Kiwi vernacular. If you’re new to New Zealand and your Kiwi lingo is a bit munted, don’t pack a sad; head over to www.newzealandslang.com and handle that NZ lingo jandal, pronto.

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