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Kiwis go unplugged

A Statistics NZ survey has revealed that in 2009, over half of households with the internet used a laptop or hand-held computer to access the internet at home, five times more than in 2006.

The Household Use of Information and Communication Technology survey, which was completed by 15,000 households, also revealed that one-quarter of internet users in 2009 used mobile phones or wireless hotspots to access the internet while they were away from home. This compares to only 14 percent in 2006.

“The increase may be because laptops are much more affordable now, and wireless connection technology is increasingly a standard function for laptops, handheld devices, and mobile phones,” said Gary Dunnet, Statistics NZ Manager.

Over half of those surveyed indicated they would vote online in general and local elections. Younger people, and those earning higher incomes, were more likely to vote online. These groups also have higher proportions of internet users than other groups.


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