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Latest Primal Carnage trailer released

Lukewarm Media has released the latest trailer (comprised of Alpha footage) for its upcoming first-person shooter Primal Carnage, which showcases some human players co-operatively battling against a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and other dinosaurs.

Game Console's Hamish Bode is involved in the development of Primal Carnage, which he describes as "an FPS that gives the player the ability to play as both Humans and Dinosaurs in a fast-paced, team environment".

In Primal Carnage, Human players will adopt a first-person perspective while Dinosaur players will play in third-person. Lukewarm Media, a "non-funded team of guys from around the globe", is developing Primal Carnage using the Unreal Development Kit.

Game Console reproduced the very first trailer back in October, but take a look at the latest trailer below: It's looking hot!

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