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Mad Max video game gets a story trailer

27 May 15

A new story trailer has been released for the upcoming Mad Max video game that will be due out later this year. 

Even though this is a Mad Max video game, it's not related to any of the films. It's an original story with new characters and Mad Max himself does not look like either Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy. 

However, the Mad Max video game is still set in the same universe as the films. We also get introduced to the game's main villain named Scabrous Scrotus. 

In this game, Mad Max has to build himself a new powerful vehicle in order to escape the Wasteland. He will be joined by a trusty sidekick called Chumbucket. 

Mad Max's video game will be available from September 3rd for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can check out the new trailer by clicking here


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