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Metroid Prime Hunters

Metroid Prime Hunters is by far the best title currently available on the DS for all you action junkies. It has a solid full length single player campaign, multiple unlockables, and a wide variety of landscapes to explore. The campaign takes place on a number of planets which you select to fly to in your ship and even though there is no actual flying element to the game – it is easily forgotten once you start each level. About half of the game is backtracking after you achieve objectives, but by no means do mean you see the same old same old everywhere you go. Every planet has multiple areas of interest which all vary in design, difficulty, and appeal. Those familiar with Metroid Prime will know that you can transform into a “Morph Ball” which allows for faster movement and extra abilities. Touching the stylus to the bottom screen allows you to rotate the camera, aim and fire and although it takes some practice – it won’t be long until you are moving and firing with ease. The title “Hunters” refers to the numerous bounty hunters that you will have to take out (and I don’t mean out to dinner) – each with their own special skills like sniper tactics, explosive mortar weaponry and close-up shotgun preference.
Multiplayer was really the meat of the lasting appeal and allowed for up to 4 players to be connected wirelessly. There is an online search for opponents which only lets you play battle mode (or standard deathmatch) with pre-set rules. However, after playing with someone you can add them to your rivals/friends list, and play with them in all of the other modes by going into the “friends and rivals” multiplayer mode (each player can be identified by a different coloured suit). You can only voice chat with people on your friends list, so it’s a good idea to get a lot of friend codes. There are seven modes of play like Capture the Flag, Prime Hunter, and King of the Hill, and you can enable and disable team play for every mode except Prime Hunter. The sound quality in both modes is exceedingly great, and the graphics surpass all other DS games in the genre – especially on the soon-to-arrive DS Lite, where the graphics are crisp and colourful.

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