Microsoft's Xbox One makes Xmas 'Hot Toy' list

20 Sep 13

With Christmas edging that little bit closer (just under 14 weeks if you are wondering) parents and relatives around the globe will be scratching their heads over what to buy their loved ones for this festive period.

Luckily US toy giant Toys ‘R’ Us take a lot of the hassle out of shopping by compiling the ‘Holiday Hot Toy List’.

This year has seen a shift with Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One being the only console listed in the Holiday Hot Toy List and even making it onto the ‘Fabulous 15 Hot Toys for Holiday 2013 list, according to Microsoft News.

The lists are designed to provide parents with guidance on the toys that should appear on children’s wish lists this year.

"Identifying the toys that will make the Holiday Hot Toy List is no easy feat," says Lisa Harnisch, senior VP, Merchandising GM, Toys “R” Us, U.S.

"It’s something we take great pride in – ensuring that the toys named with this distinction are truly the toys that kids from all corners of the country will be most excited about.

“All 36 playthings named to this year’s list were chosen because they’re undoubtedly HOT, fromcra-z-loom, one of the most buzzed-about items this season, to Xbox One and Tabeo e2, which are generating a ton of excitement before they are even available in stores.

"As kids begin scribbling their wish lists to Santa, parents can feel confident that with the Toys “R” Us Holiday Hot Toy List in hand, they have the inside scoop on what will help make their kids’ wishes come true this season.”

It seems all of Microsoft’s back tracking hasn’t damaged the demand for the new console which will release in New Zealand at midnight 22 November.

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