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More Brain Training - Nintendo DS

Once again, it is time to rummage around our hollow craniums to rediscover that large hunk of grey matter that we call a brain. More Brain Training has (finally) arrived on local shores and just like the first brain training non-game that took the world by storm, this whole new selection of mental workouts seeks to push all of our IQs up by a couple of notches, or more.

A plethora of exercises awaits any fired-up brain here. There are maths problems that require you to fill in the incomplete equations with correct operations, language activities that ask you to unscramble a word from a set of rotating letters, and even a piano recital where you’ll have to tap on a miniature keyboard to play in time with a provided score and ensemble! Compared to its prequel, there is a much greater variety seen here, that’s for sure.

More Brain Training is also a much tougher workout. Many of the training programs here are a significant step-up from the original, but they are much more practical as well; such as doling out the correct change to a customer who makes a purchase from you. Don’t be surprised if it takes a while to hit the optimal brain age this time. However, practice makes perfect, and this popular saying holds true in More Brain Training. The more you train with it, the better the improvement you will see in all the faculties associated with ‘braininess’, translating to a heightened mental alertness in real life.

If you’ve played the first Brain Training title and enjoyed it but have since grown bored of it, then it’s a no-brainer that More Brain Training is the perfect solution to get your prefrontal cortex running smoothly once more. With full statistical tracking along with a whole host of newer, more interesting - and more challenging activities, More Brain Training with Dr. Kawashima has never been more appealing.

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