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MX vs ATV Reflex

Previous MX vs ATV games have always been described as arcade games. Unlike ‘simulator’ style titles such as Gran Turismo or even Skate, the series has prided itself on being all about big air and huge stunts.
MX vs ATV Reflex is the first offering to incorporate a touch of realism into the series. In order to do something as simple as turning a corner, you have to use the right stick to shift the weight of the rider so he won’t fall off. This realistic physics engine also applies to landing tricks, which ends in either satisfying or devastating results depending on whether you were able to land the trick or not! 
Speaking of tricks, there are a lot of them to master and they are typically breathtaking to witness. It’s also worth noting that all of the tricks featured in the game are real. No matter how outlandish they may look, these death-defying manoeuvres really are performed by these athletes in real life, and the smooth controls make them very satisfying to execute.      
Although the game is called MX vs ATV Reflex there are other vehicles to ride, including UTVs and even huge sport trucks, just to name a couple. The tracks have also had a major overhaul from previous games, where you’ll race across a range of treacherous terrain including sand dunes and muddy jungles.  
Graphically, the game is not as polished as, say, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, but it’s definitely a huge improvement over the PS2-like visuals of the previous game. There’s more animation detail too, with tyre marks embedded into the slippery mud, and a massive pyrotechnics display is shown off during freestyle trick events.
This is by far the most rewarding MX vs ATV game to date. The controls are slick without being too hard to master, and the graphics are by far the best yet in the series. Fans of extreme sports in general will enjoy this title, and even non-fans may be converted once they fire up this game. 

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