NetSafe joins N4L

26 Sep 14

Network for Learning (N4L) and NetSafe are now working together to provide a safe environment for Pond users.

Pond now has a feature where inappropriate or unlawful content, communication or behaviour can be directly reported to NetSafe. Furthermore, the reporting function is not restricted to incidents that occur within Pond - it can be used for any online incident that impacts student safety or the online learning environment.

The link for the reporting feature is on Pond’s homepage, under the search bar. The report is encrypted and sent directly to NetSafe where it is assessed. Reports are only able to be accessed by NetSafe.

Issues are then resolved with NetSafe’s advice and guidance. NetSafe will also work in association with digital technology industry and government partners it has relationships with.

NetSafe promotes the confident, safe and responsible use of online technologies through their work with schools and the wider community.

N4L says it is delighted to include NetSafe as one of its partners, working to support the effective use of digital technologies.

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