FutureFive NZ - News: Apple confirms education event, Anobit acquisition, Snapseed for OS X, and more!

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News: Apple confirms education event, Anobit acquisition, Snapseed for OS X, and more!

Apple has confirmed their education event in New York, as reported by Ars Technica. Details are pretty scarce about what the event will actually be about, but all signs point to an improved iBooks platform — perhaps even some sort of self-publishing or other education-related deal, such as the availability of textbooks. Alternatively, the EPUB 3 standard could also play a part, allowing educators to showcase books that contain much more multimedia than we've previously experienced. Apple has also made official their acquisition of Anobit, the Israeli flash memory company that manufacturers and produces flash memory. Just as the rumour blogs said, Apple paid roughly $390 for Anobit in a deal that reportedly wasn't finalised until earlier in the month.  


Snapseed is one of the few iOS image editors that has impressed reviewers everywhere, and while it doesn't have the power of a more fully-featured program such as Pixelmator or Photoshop, Snapseed makes image editing relatively easy. Plus, the developer says Snapseed is coming to the Mac App Store in the future.


It's (well, was) the Mac Mini's 7th birthday just a few days ago, finishing off the week in huge Apple anniversaries. We've come a long way from a computer that was originally designed to be an entry-level machine for people to switch to the Mac from their PCs without having to re-buy keyboards or displays, and the Mac Mini is still a great machine.


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