News: FileMaker Pro 12, Apple and iCloud security, syncing iCloud to Dropbox, and more!

04 Apr 12

FileMaker has released FileMaker Pro 12 for the Mac, and the new version has enhanced charting, better support for iOS devices than its predecessors, much improved design capabilities, and a lot more. TUAW has a first look at FileMaker Pro 12, and they like what they see — with the free companion iOS app and reasonable upgrade pricing starting from US $179, there's a lot to like. It should come as no surprise when it comes to iCloud that all the data is at least somewhat encrypted, but the fact that Apple hold the decryption keys is a fact slightly more concerning. Ars Technica cites sources who say that Apple has to have the decryption keys in order to provide the services that it does — if you view any webpage that contains your data, then that's when you know that company has access to your data.  


Speaking of which, TUAW also has a nice article on syncing iCloud to Dropbox. Understandably, some people don't like how transparent the iCloud folder is — and if you have apps that don't work with iCloud but work with Dropbox, this easy hint will make those apps more useful again.


The Flashback trojan exploited an unpatched Java vulnerability, but Apple has now patched that hole. Visit Software Update to get the latest Java update.


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