FutureFive NZ - News: iCloud notifications, Ivy Bridge Macs, Office 2011 updates, and more!

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News: iCloud notifications, Ivy Bridge Macs, Office 2011 updates, and more!

Apple tested notifications on the iCloud website the other day in a browser-based implementation of notifications similar to ones that appear on iOS. Frederico Viticci over at MacStories speculates on some of the possible implementations. Notifications on iCloud might eventually be useful for notifications about Find my Friends, or perhaps Apple will do something completely different and integrate collaborative editing as part of an iCloud-based workflow. Alex Brooks from the World of Apple discusses the dilemma behind Ivy Bridge-equipped Macs. Intel has released most of their Ivy Bridge CPUs which bring various performance improvements and better power consumption, but which of those Ivy Bridge CPUs will make it into Macs in the near future? With desktops and laptops requiring different thermal specs, Alex breaks down which CPUs go into which Macs.  


After pulling their Service Pack 2 update for Office 2011 a few weeks back, Microsoft has now released an update to the updated version of the second service pack. The Office 14.2.2 update fixes critical issues and and improves security. The update weighs in at 110MB and is available from the Microsoft updates website.


Apple has expanded their after-sales policy in Korea, making it among the world's best. Apple now offers a no-questions-asked replacement policy for any product that develops a fault a month after purchase.


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