FutureFive NZ - News: revamped 15-inch MacBook Pro, Apple television rumours, iCloud beta, and more!

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News: revamped 15-inch MacBook Pro, Apple television rumours, iCloud beta, and more!

9 to 5 Mac has the scoop about the newly revamped 15-inch MacBook Pro. According to their trusted sources in Apple's supply chain, the updated MacBook Pro features a "jaw-dropping" retina display, finally bringing some resolution independence to the Mac. The new MacBook Pro also features a similar port layout to that of the MacBook Air, with no optical drive to be found — it's this port layout that means the new MacBook Pro can be thinner than today's models (although still thicker than the MacBook Air. Last but not least, the new MacBook Pro is also reported to feature USB 3: the first Mac to do so. Only time will tell how accurate their predictions are. The Apple television rumours are flying thick and fast, with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou saying that his company were preparing for the new iTV, even though development or production are both yet to begin. There was also a rumour that said Apple were interested in purchasing German television maker Loewe, but that rumour has since been denied by the company.  


A developer-only iCloud beta has been uncovered, which includes both Reminders and Notes web apps in addition to all the ones currently offered. The beta iCloud website also makes references to an as-yet unreleased iOS 6 beta.


GIMP 2.8 has been released, and it features a new single-window UI along with many other improvements. Ars Technica has the full overview.


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