FutureFive NZ - News: woman sues Apple, Apple erases galaxies, Safari update, and more!

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News: woman sues Apple, Apple erases galaxies, Safari update, and more!

New Zealanders, be happy you don't have any Apple stores. They're nothing but trouble, and now an 80-year old woman is suing Apple in the US for the sum of US $1 million after she broke her nose walking into one of the glass-fronted Apple stores. Apple has now started to put safety stickers on their doors and windows, in an attempt to stop people walking into them unexpectedly — but what will be really interesting is if the grandmother wins her case. First Apple removed blood from the Snow Leopard wallpaper, now we find out they've removed a few galaxies from the Mountain Lion wallpaper, too. The galaxy NGC 3190 features prominently on the most recognisable wallpaper from Mountain Lion, and as it turns out, Apple added a few stars while removing other galaxies when they decided to modify the image to suit their own needs.  


Apple has released Safari 5.1.5 with a small bug fix that could affect website usability when running in 32-bit mode. It's available from Software Update right now, or from the Apple downloads site.


Macworld has a nice article on how to better understand Lion's Resume feature. You can turn off Resume in a few places, but what about controlling what apps automatically Resume and which ones don't?


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