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NHL 14 - The fastest game on two legs just got better

EA Sports NHL 14 launches today on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with fans around the globe playing nearly four million games of the demo.

EGM scored NHL 14 a 9.5/10 and labeled it “an all-time great,” while IGN asserted that the game is “the most authentic hockey experience ever.”

Canadian newspapers, The National Post and The Globe & Mail also scored NHL 14 a 9.5/10 and 9/10 respectively, with the former hailing the game as “the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be (until next year).”

NHL 14 also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the most iconic title in the history of the NHL videogame franchise with the inclusion of NHL 94 Anniversary Mode.

Featuring nods to its hockey video gaming roots through a retro presentation style including blue ice, classic star-shaped player indicators, organ music and more, NHL 94 Anniversary Mode gives another generation of players a new way to play old school hockey.

New Features and modes include:

True Performance Skating – including more than 1000 new skating animations

One-Touch Dekes – a more responsive Deke system, using the left thumb stick and one-button

Live the Life Mode – every decision you make will shape your career and legacy on and off the ice

NHL 94 Anniversary Mode - celebrate one of the most iconic entries in the NHL franchise with the inclusion of NHL 94 Anniversary Mode. Built within the NHL 14 game engine, NHL 94 Anniversary Mode has big goals, bigger hits and takes fun to a whole new level

Collision Physics – using EA’s collision physics, NHL 14 produces bigger hits and more true to life collisions

Enforcer Engine - the Enforcer Engine brings an all-new 3rd-person presentation where every player on the ice is LIVE! Now, you and your linemates (human or CPU) interact from the drop of the gloves to the trip to the penalty box, with no break in the actio

Hockey Ultimate Team and Online Seasons - the Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) is the most played mode in EA SPORTS NHL. NHL 14 adds the best-in-class promotion and relegation system in the sports category to HUT & EA SPORTS Hockey League modes.

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