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Ninja Reflex – Wii

Just to be original, another mini-game collection has been released for the Wii. This time it’s EA’s turn to release a collection of mediocre games somewhat reminiscent of Wii Sports, but to be original, they’ve thrown ninjas into the fray. You’ll take on the role of a student in the game, training to be a ninja and gain a coveted black belt.

There are an entire six mini-games in Ninja Reflex; Nunchuk Training, Katana (samurai sword fighting), Haishi (capturing flies with chopsticks), Shuriken (ninja star throwing), Koi (fishing with your hands) and Hotaru (catching fireflies). The mini games all have different sections to them and methods of playing them, but they’re all more or less the same. Randomly throughout the game there are also belt challenges, which allow players to progress through the necessary stages for each belt.

The single player portion lasts between two and three hours depending on your skill level, though there is far more to be said for the multiplayer. As a party type game the way tends to cater so well for it excels, as being a ninja with friends is just so much more fun than being a ninja alone!
If quantity isn’t your main strength, the quality better be darn good. The motion controls for the six games are very good. The controls are responsive, intuitive and there’s no lag to speak of.  The graphics are nicely done, simple yet stylish and effective. The soundtrack, featuring only one song is surprisingly good, though no accolades can be given to a one-hit wonder, if you will.

Ninja Reflex seems to be the Kobe Beef of video games if you like; good quality but in fairly small quantities. If you’ve got the sort of money to lash out on Kobe Beef, the $100 for Ninja Reflex is probably pocket change, but for the rest of us, $17 a mini game is a little steep no matter how good the quality is.

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