FutureFive NZ - Nintendo disappointed by 3DS sales figures

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Nintendo disappointed by 3DS sales figures

According to Gamespot, Nintendo intends to increase its marketing efforts for the 3DS after it failed to reach the company's sales target of 4 million units by April. The console achieved only 3.61 million, which has apparently upset Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

While Iwata contends that the recent earthquake in the Tokyo region is a factor, he's reluctant to pin the blame entirely on the disaster. "There are other challenges that have shown up; therefore, we have revised our scenario for diffusion and are making efforts to get the popularity of Nintendo 3DS back on track for the upcoming summer season."

"It is clear from our market research that many people feel that they 'want' and 'want to buy' Nintendo 3DS, and the latest demand for this device is the largest in comparison with our previous new platforms at the time of their launches, but on the other hand, there is a big proposition that not that many people believe 'Now is the time to buy it!' The penetration will not gain speed without overcoming this challenge," explained Iwata.

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