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Nucleus Preview – PS3

Games about shooting bacteria may sound a tad odd and probably wouldn’t normally be my cuppa tea. That is, until I checked out Nucleus.

Nucleus is all about shooting down bacteria in third person view through the lens of a microscope. Everything looks like it’s taking part on a Petri dish (you’ll be forgiven for having flashbacks of your science/biology class when playing this game) and your mission is to shoot the ‘bad’ bacteria or virii whilst ensuring the good cells are saved.

You also receive ‘power ups’ or ‘proteins’ in the blood which you collect. The main unit that you control to destroy the bad cells and bacteria can lose ‘health’ if you’re attacked by the bacteria or the virus. There are several different types of game mode including ‘Plug the Hole’ and ‘Absorption’.

Although the game is very unique in appearance, Nucleus is very much like Geometry Wars on the Xbox 360 where you control a central unit and must destroy everything else around you and collect power ups and points.

If you’re keen to check this out, you can do so via the PlayStation Network.

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