FutureFive NZ - One-million-square-feet extension for Apple's Austin branch

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

One-million-square-feet extension for Apple's Austin branch

Apple have extended their 39-acre site in Texas, extending the facility by one-million-square-feet.

The California-based company plans to continue its growth in Austin with the move, hoping to bring a further 3,600 jobs to the area.

Despite claiming to bring productivity back to America earlier this month, Apple claim the larger site is needed for "accounting, human resources and finance."

After a US$304m investment, the tech giant hopes to increase their staff headcount to 7,100 over the next decade for the reduced price of $287m.

Apple hopes to complete the new buildings by 2021, with their new HQ in Cupertino scheduled to finish in 2016 after delays.

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