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Project Origin Preview – Game Details

Remember Alma? How could you forget the F.E.A.R. so quickly? Well, Project Origin marks the new sequel to F.E.A.R. and if the game details below are anything to go by, we’re really looking forward to seeing some code ASAP.

Beginning shortly before the ending of F.E.A.R., a Special Forces squad is on a routine mission when the city of Auburn is rocked by a supernatural explosion.  Alma, a girl with immense power and a thirst for revenge, has unleashed her wrath upon the city and thrown it into chaos. Tension builds as the squad must combat enemy forces and the supernatural as they struggle to find a way to stop Alma and uncover the mysterious forces arrayed against them before it’s too late.

Some interesting information taken from the official website for the game states: Monolith Productions announced a contest called “Name Your Fear” on June 4, 2007 to find a name for the sequel. Contestants had until June 22nd to submit a name, after which three finalists would be chosen with fans being able to choose their favourite. The three finalists will have their likeness featured in the upcoming game. A special website was created for this contest.

On August 3, 2007, voting was opened to the public for the three naming finalists, which were Dead Echo, Project Origin and Dark Signal. Voting closed on August 10, 2007. On September 6, 2007 the winner was announced as Project Origin.

Game Features:
    Experience enhanced destruction and frightening combat an inch from your face
    Utilise new weapons to combat against never before seen supernatural threats
    Slow down time using your character’s enhanced reflexes
    Battle intelligent enemies that employ advanced combat tactics and realistic behaviors
    Strategic environmental combat opport–unities available to both you and your enemies in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments
    New faction system that pits enemies against you… and each other
    Utilise the new world interaction system to create instant cover or remove obstacles
    Play with and against friends in multiplayer competition

Project Origin will be releasing for Xbox 360, Sony’s PS3 and for the PC. A release date is yet to be confirmed but is stated as ‘Fall 2008’ for the U.S.A.

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