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Provoke's relief effort in the Philippines - help needed

21 Nov 2013

"This isn't your usual media release from a technology company wanting some free press," says Mason Pratt, CEO, Provoke.

"We are reaching out for your assistance in helping us spread the word about a cause close to our hearts."

In the devastating wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Pratt says it way too easy to focus on our own lives and forget about what our friends in the Philippines are dealing with 24/7.

This isn’t simply a case of picking up some rubbish and re-building a few houses - this will takes millions of dollars and many years for the worst affected regions to recover, he adds.

"So, as a kiwi company, with staff based in Manila and directly affected by this disaster, we are trying hard to do our bit to help deliver the Philippines the support they need," Pratt says.

In the first instance, Provoke have sent $10,000 to the company's local team to provide food, water and medical supplies to people who need it most, while Provoke volunteers are working closely with the Philippines Airforce to acquire, pack and distribute these aid packages directly to those in need.

The firm has also set up a fundraising page to help support their efforts with the goal of raising $100,000, with the company starting the fund with $10,000.

“Rather than simply pledge funds to one of the international charities, we wanted our team in Manila to have direct input into, not only what we could supply, but where these resources would be dispatched," Pratt adds.

“We are immensely proud of our Manila team for putting their hands up without hesitation and being impressively brave during what can only be a very overwhelming time.

"We know there are many others whose hearts are reaching out to this crisis.

“The second phase of our mission to help the Philippines is to encourage our customers and partners in New Zealand and the United States to get involved and pledge their own support.

"We’re hoping our challenge will bolster the chances of making a real difference to our friends in the City of Tacloban."

If you would like to support Provoke's on-the-ground program, please head to the following link: www.helpthephilippines.org.nz