FutureFive NZ - PS4 pre-sales almost sold out...

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PS4 pre-sales almost sold out...

One of New Zealand’s largest online retailers, Mighty Ape, has almost sold out for Playstation 4 pre-sales.

Retailers including Gamestop and Amazon have also had issues keeping up with demand.

Amazon announced on July 10 that they had sold through their initial allotment of both PS4 and Xbox One.

EB Games in Australia appears to be having similar problems, as the PS4 page on their site now has the disclaimer “Note: Console preorder not guaranteed for launch day.” EB Games NZ instead has the option to “Reserve your place in the queue.”

The PS4 has been riding high since its E3 success, in some cases outselling its competitor by 2:1.

Mighty Ape currently has the PS4 as their number one sold item, with the Xbox One is sitting at sixth below The Last of Us, GTA 5, the Game of Thrones book set, and Final Fantasy X HD.

The PS4 is being sold packaged with the console, a 500gb hard drive, one controller, and a headset amongst the other typical amenities.

The new Playstation camera will not be bundled with the kit however, unlike the Xbox One’s Kinect.

And it is unlikely any of the stores will receive more stock for launch day as Sony Computer Entertainment CEO says that the consoles are flying off the virtual shelves faster than they can be made.

“Demand may well outstrip supply," the company says.

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