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Quiet in the tweet seats!

The last bastion of mobile phone etiquette, the theatre, is reportedly crumbling in the face of public pressure, with venues across the United States establishing special seating sections so guests who can’t tear themselves away from their screens don’t bother other patrons. 


As reported by USA Today, some progressive theatres have been setting aside the seats, known as ‘tweet seats’, for as long as two years, but the practice is only just catching on country-wide. 


Tweet seats are usually in the back row of the theatre, where the glowing screen is least likely to distract non-addicts. They’re mostly used for live performances like plays, ballets and music recitals, but could also be popular in cinemas.


They’re not just there to offer a distraction for bored audience members, either, with some theatres establishing hashtags for their shows and inviting audiences to participate in live discussions. 


Tweet seats certainly add an extra dimension for artists, who could gauge the audience’s reaction backstage, and even join in the conversation. 


Would you request a tweet seat if it was on offer? Or are they a further erosion of the theatre experience? Post your comments below.

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