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Red Dead Redemption: Legends and Killers

Following the single-player experience, Red Dead Redemption poses a raft of multiplayer shenanigans to keep the player occupied, and Rockstar just keeps topping your cup up. First there was the excellent (and free!) co-op mission pack ‘Outlaws to the End’, which provided six cooperative side missions for you and up to three buddies to play through. Curiously, ‘Legends and Killers’ constitutes what is arguably the lesser package, and Rockstar has opted to charge for this one. And at just shy of $20, it’s not pocket change, either.

 Firstly, you get eight new multiplayer character skins taken directly from Red Dead Redemption’s modestly known predecessor, Red Dead Revolver. Ranging from cattle rancher Annie Stoakes to crazy demolitions expert Pig Josh, they do add some much-needed variety to those previously on offer. And I’ve gotta say, it is nice to see a few different characters running around RDR’s desert planes for a change. The pack also adds nine new multiplayer ‘locations’. In a nutshell, a number of existing environments (such as Blackwater, Tall Trees and Rio Bravo) have been opened up for use in the game’s existing adversarial modes. They do present new strategic possibilities to be fair, and there are handy new ‘Legends and Killers’ playlists so you can jump straight into these ‘new’locations.

The final major addition is a new projectile weapon – the tomahawk! It’s tricky to use and has quite limited range, but it’s oh-so satisfying to snag a kill with one of these.

Legends and Killers is worthwhile content, but its appeal lies mostly with the game’s hardcore followers and those who routinely engage in its adversarial multiplayer modes. If you ask me, this should have been the free pack though; I would more happily have paid for Outlaws to the End!

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