FutureFive NZ - Review: Blackbox I10 Noise-Cancelling Earphones

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Review: Blackbox I10 Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Blackbox’s new I10 earphones for iPod use an active noise-cancellation system to ensure that your music listening is unhindered as much as possible by background noise, making them ideal for plane trips. However, they serve a dual purpose in that the user no longer needs to crank up the volume to compensate for background noise, preserving your hearing in the process. Where other Blackbox headphones require a battery for their active noise-cancellation, the I10s use the iPhone’s proprietary connection in order to draw power from the device itself, which brings its own set of pros and cons. The buds themselves sit comfortably and firmly in the ears, and the untainted sound produced is of exceptional clarity. There’s a dongle that allows for easy volume control and a button that toggles the noise-cancellation on or off (if, say, someone needs to speak to you briefly). The I10s also come with a rather nice padded case that accommodates not only the earphones but also your iPod.

PROS: Great quality audio reproduction. No battery required. Handy padded case for your device.

CONS: Not optimised for iPhone, or compatable with older iPods.

VERDICT: The I10s are quite possibly the best earphones you’re likely to find for your iPod. iPhone users on the other hand may wish to wait for the i20s that are scheduled for later this year.

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