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Review: Fuji Xerox Docuprint CP205

Fuji Xerox sent shockwaves throughout the low-end printer space when it announced its intention to enter that market late last year. Indisputably the dominant force in the high-end, multifunction space, the company claimed it could transfer that same winning technology into smaller and cheaper units for home and small-office use.

The DocuPrint CP205, it seems, is the culmination of that intent. It’s a single-function colour printer that is affordable, easy to use and, best of all, of very high quality. Using the same EA-Eco toner technology found in Fuji Xerox’s high-end devices, the CP205 manages energy-saving, toner-efficient prints without sacrificing exceptional print quality.

In contrast to some other printers I’ve tested recently, unpackaging and installing the DocuPrint CP205 was a breeze; the ink cartridges are already installed, there are only two cables to connect and there’s an easy-to-understand installation CD with only a handful of steps and informative demo videos. In less than 10 minutes, I’d installed the printer and even printed a test page.

Also, this thing prints fast! It takes about 10 seconds from clicking “print” until a full-colour, full-size photograph is in your hands. And I could print a 17-page, black-and-white text document in approximately 1 minute, 40 seconds.

PROS: Affordable, of high quality, easy to set up and use.

CONS: If I’m feeling really picky, it’s a rather basic machine, which is also one of its greatest strengths.

VERDICT: One of the most pleasant printer experiences I’ve encountered. Not only does it “just work”, but it works well and it works quickly. It’s not particularly features heavy, but unless you absolutely must have all the bells and whistles, the DocuPrint CP205 is a brilliant printer for home users and small businesses alike.

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