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Review: Huawei X1

01 Nov 11

It seems that technology is getting cheaper all the time, but again and again we see the old adage ring true – you get what you pay for. Inevitably, we have started to see the first Android phones creeping under the $200 price point, making them attractive options for teenagers and other users looking for an economical smartphone option – but are they any good? After some decent hands-on time with the Huawei X1 we can certifiably say yes... sort of.

It’s true that the X1 runs on the Android platform, which offers all of the features that casual users expect. However, the price point comes with some drawbacks – chief amongst them the screen size. While a 2.8 inch screen would be more than ample on many phones running their own custom OS, when you turn it into a touch screen and couple it with the often fiddly nature of the Android OS, the end result can feel more frustrating than it’s worth. Text input on the on-screen keyboard is particularly difficult when your finger is capable of covering a quarter of the screen at a time. When you couple this with the budget processor, the X1 may boast many of the features of its higher priced idols, but it doesn’t have the horses under the hood to keep up. Having said that, the phone is a nice package and the price point can’t be argued with. For users with basic requirements and expectations there is plenty of value to be found here.

Pros: Cheap price point

Cons: Small screen size

Not as powerful as more expensive smartphones

Conclusion: The Huawei X1 offers excellent value for money for anyone looking to pick up a decent all round phone that is capable of supporting some basic smart functions. Those looking for an in depth smartphone experience might end up frustrated by the small screen size and the lack of processing power compared to a more powerful model.