FutureFive NZ - Review: Jablo Eye-02 Gsm Camera

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Review: Jablo Eye-02 Gsm Camera

They say you shouldn’t place too much value on material things, but in today’s consumer society, it’s pretty hard not to! Especially when you’ve paid a fortune for that new TV or stereo system, and you have the additional concern of theft. Traditional security systems may deter or scare off casual thieves, but if there is no one around to hear the alarm, it doesn’t do much good. Monitored alarms take the next step, but often by the time help arrives it’s too late. So what options does that leave? You can’t exactly have someone watching your property 24/7 – or can you?

The EYE-02 GSM camera offers a portable and easy to set up option for remotely monitoring the things that are important to you – be it your home, boat, shop or even people requiring care.

The EYE -02 comes with a range of settings for various environments and while they can take a bit of tweaking to get the perfect level of sensitivity, the system works well. A range of sensors in the camera monitor motion, sound and tampering, alerting you via phone call and PXT or emailed pictures the moment the alarm triggers.

The camera comes with a handy remote for arming and disarming, and settings can be altered via TXT message, the internet or a desktop based tool.


Easy to set up

Wide range of sensors

Calls and PXTs at time of alarm


Requires cellular data, which could get costly

Settings require a bit of fiddling to achieve the right sensitivity


If you have property or items that you need to keep an eye on, or that are high risk or irreplaceable, the EYE-02 camera allows for easy and safe monitoring. With a range of sensors and alarms sent via phone, PXT and email, the camera not only alerts you to events, but also gathers evidence that could be useful in recovering items.

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