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Review: LG Flatron E2290 Monitor

It’s a constant trend in technology: not only do we want the next big thing; we want it smaller, lighter, cheaper and thinner. Computer monitors are no different and over the last couple of years, with the rise of LCD screens, manufacturers have been pushing their screens to become larger yet thinner at the same time. The E2290 is the latest thin screen monitor from LG, boasting a 21.5” display, 2ms response time and a full HD native resolution – all at only 7.2mm thick.

In terms of display, the E2290 does an admirable job, but the one major letdown is its stand.

Unfortunately I was unable to separate the E2290’s screen from its base due to the integrated cabling system (you plug your power and input cables into the base of the stand) but if I had been able to do so, I would expect that a good 90% of the monitor’s weight would be removed with the base. Measuring in at 25cm x 13cm, the stand does not have a massive footprint, but I couldn’t help thinking if the goal of having such a thin screen was to reduce overall desktop footprint, perhaps more could have been done here. The affixed base means that the E2290 is also not wall mountable, which is unfortunate for those looking for an ultra thin wall mounted solution. As mentioned before, one of the reasons the base is so heavy is the integrated cabling/input system. On paper this sounds like a great idea, plugging everything into the base to reduce clutter. In reality, the aesthetic gains are minimal at best, with the plugs mounted so far under the base it becomes a hassle every time you want to plug or unplug any of the connections.

Pros: Ultra thin displayFull HD native resolutionStylish designCons: Large and heavy base negates much of the thin screen benefits

EZ Cabling built into base is difficult to access

Cannot be wall mounted or rotated


The LG E2290 may boast one of the thinnest 22” screens on the market, but it is offset by a surprisingly large and heavy base. The integrated cabling system built into the base may slightly reduce cable clutter, but it also makes accessing connections difficult. A good option for those with limited desk space, a desire for stylish looks as much as function, and no need to move or unplug their monitor often.

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