Review: Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

01 Oct 12

I thought this might finally be the answer to the missing keyboards on tablet and smartphone devices. Unfortunately I thought wrong. What it actually is is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard designed with Microsoft’s Comfort Curve, and it doesn’t include the numeric pad on the right-hand side.

This wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer or device; however those who wish to use it while travelling should remember that it can’t be used in flight. The buttons are nicely spaced out. Additional customisable hot keys such as media controls have been included for easy access and to align with the release of Windows 8.

The keyboard is relatively light considering its size and powered by only two AAA batteries. A manual toggle switch on the back of the keyboard powers on and off. And if the keyboard isn’t used for a while, it enters sleep mode automatically and can be started up again with the press of any button. The buttons do feel a tad on the flimsy side and typing gives off a loud and plastic-y sound, which may be a problem if you’re a bit of a heavy handed typer. The glossy finish around the edges might look nice at first, but even after the first use every smudge and finger mark is visible, which is quite annoying


  • Keyboard is comfortable thanks to the generously spaced keys and Microsoft’s Comfort Curve

  • Setup is straightforward

  • Relatively lightweight

  • Customizable hot keys for media controls

  • Manual switch to turn device on and off, as well as the sleep mode function


  • Gloss finish on the frame highlights every fingerprint and smudge

  • Buttons feel a bit flimsy and plastic-y

  • No numerical keypad

  • Windows Vista is not supported

The Verdict

This keyboard could be a great solution for those who are always on the go; however I would have been much more taken with this device if it were compatible with tablets and smartphones.

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