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Review: Motorola Defy

With the amount of abuse some people inflict on their phones, there is indeed a market for devices that will not only deliver the functionality of a smartphone, but also be able to withstand their owner’s energetic or incident prone lifestyles.

The Motorola Defy is one such device, claiming to be both dustproof and water resistant.

Since the NetGuide office is not particularly dusty, and with no information on just how resistant the water resistance is, we didn’t put these specific factors to the test. However, the handset itself does deliver everything you would expect from an Android smartphone of its level. Motorola couples the Defy with Motoblur – a customised user interface running on Android, which brings together all your social media accounts. While this is great for the casual user, those wanting to truly customise their Android smartphone may find it a bit restrictive.

The Defy’s styling is a bit odd, with several visible seams around the phone and no less than seven silver screws visible in the casing. While this may make the phone look more rugged, it is a contrast to the one piece, sleek devices that many manufacturers are producing. One unusual and problematic feature is that Motorola has covered the input ports (charger/data and headphones) with stiff plastic covers that pivot open and shut – no doubt part of the dustproofing design. Not only are these fiddly to open and close, but they look quite likely to snap off should they get caught on something.

Having said that, the handset is a nice shape that is comfortable in both hand and pocket. The touch screen provides a pleasing amount of real estate while being both responsive and easy to use.


Water resistant

Dust proof


Plastic cover flaps are annoying and need care


While its appearance may put some people off, active users looking for a rugged Android handset may find a lot to like here.

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