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Review: Nyko Zoom for Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect is a fantastic piece of technology, but its large play space requirements left many users with smaller than average apartments and lounge spaces feeling left out. Enter the Nyko Zoom for Kinect, a clip on lens solution which aims to reduce the space required to play Kinect titles. Does it work? Well... yes, mostly.

After testing several Kinect titles using the Zoom, I can confirm that it definitely does decrease the space required to play Kinect, bringing the players up to a couple of feet closer to the unit. If you were standing any closer to your television, you would risk bringing new meaning to the saying, “get into the game”. Where the Nyko Zoom also helps is that its lens increases the distance that multiple players can stand apart, so if you are finding your DC2 Dance Off is a bit cramped, this may help you stay out of range of your opponent’s elbowing sabotage.

All is not perfect though, and I encountered several teething issues before achieving satisfactory results, including changing the position of the sensor and adjusting the room’s lighting several times – a factor that is always problematic with Kinect, but was made even more sensitive by the Zoom. Even after these changes, some activities involving high hand precision (like throwing darts) were a struggle. The Zoom sometimes recorded throws even when my hand was not moving – a flaw that was not present using the Kinect alone.


Reduces the distance required between the player and the Kinect sensor

Fits multi-players in a wider space


Can affect accuracy of responses

Sensitive to lighting setup


If you don’t have space issues with Kinect, then the Nyko Zoom won’t add anything to your experience. In fact, it may make it more difficult. However, if you have a small apartment or room and must have Kinect – or perhaps you have bought it only to find that your space is just too small to move to the level Kinect requires – the Nyko Zoom for Kinect could be the answer. Just note that it may take a bit of testing and tuning before you get the results you’re after.

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