Review: Tom Tom Go 730

01 Dec 09

The major addition to the GO 730 from last year’s 720 model is its IQ Routes technology, which takes other factors into account when calculating the fastest route to your destination. This often means that the fastest route isn’t necessarily the shortest, as the 730 will consider the time of day, historical congestion rates and other details collated from other local TomTom users.

The touchscreen interface is extremely user-friendly, and most importantly of all, it’s predictive. This means you won’t be too distracted when entering the address details of your destination (which can be done quickly and easily, say, waiting at traffic lights). The GO 730 will also prompt the user with clear audio instructions well in advance before making a turn. The 4.3-inch display allows for a large and easy-to-follow visual representation of your route, and there’s also an FM transmitter, so you can play the audio directions through your car stereo if you wish.

One of the great things about TomTom devices is that, owing to an active community of users who make thousands of corrections and additions every day, the maps, routes and camera locations are always up to date. You’ll just have to make sure that you routinely plug the GO 730 into your home PC and check to make sure that you have the latest versions.

On a couple of occasions in my testing, however, the GO 730 did appear somewhat disorientated immediately upon finding a GPS signal after booting up. The TomTom seemed to be confused as to which way my car was facing, and this subsequently started me off on a wrong turn. Thankfully, the 730 soon finds its bearings and will automatically recalculate your route to get you back on track, as it will with any missed turn.

PROS: Easy to use. Always up to date. Highly customisable.

CONS: Very occasionally the GO 730 will lose its bearings upon start-up.

VERDICT: You’re getting your money’s worth with the TomTom GO 730. It’s crammed with features without being overly complicated, and you’ll be impressed with its ability to get you where you need to be.

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