RockMelt launches iPhone app

27 Apr 11

After launching the public version of its unique social-based web browser back in March for PC and Mac, an iPhone and iPod version is now available. 

The aim of RockMelt is to give you easy access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts within the browser. 

RockMelt for iPhone and iPod touch also syncs with RockMelt on Mac and PC for a "seamless online experience". 

Main features of the iOS version include: 

Instant Updates

  • Notifications the moment your Facebook, Twitter, and other favorite sites have new updates

  • See photos, videos, and links effortlessly

  • Facebook: See your news feed and notifications and like and comment on anything

  • Twitter: See your mentions, reply and retweet to tweets in your stream

  • Other sites: Add your own custom sites to get instant updates


  • Quickly share any links, photos, or videos to your Facebook and Twitter

View Later

  • Don't have time now? Save any content - links, photos, comments, videos - to read later

  • Items saved to View Later will also be available on your RockMelt for PC and Mac


  • Favorite sites, bookmarks, and View Later items are all synced with RockMelt on your computer

  • Even the number of unread items for your favourite sites are synced

  • Any changes you make on your iPhone will automatically be updated on your computer (and vice versa)

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