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Rumble Roses XX

Publisher: Konami      Developer: Konami      Expected: TBC    Players: 1 – 4 / online      www: konami.com

The vixens of wrestling are back. Delivering looks that kill with the visual “enhancements” that you would expect from a next generation game, Rumble Roses XX is more than just another pretty face (or perhaps a different part of the human body). Go online and team up with a friend in the all-new Tag Team and Elimination modes or compete in a free-for-all Battle Royal. Get in the ring and unload submission holds, reversals, and an increased number of other new moves. Fight fair or fight dirty and humiliate your opponents – its your choice. 
This is the first wrestling game to appear on the 360, but don’t let the scantily clad females distract you (even though it’s difficult) as this game features a wide variety of moves and combinations for a realistic wresting experience. Break down and humiliate your opponent, then finish her off with a unique and powerful finishing move, and use your partner to execute a wildly powerful double-team action move! There are also over 40 different wrestlers, each with their own customisations and unique physiques / special moves.

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