FutureFive NZ - Say goodbye to flipping burgers, hello to Kiwi career app

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Say goodbye to flipping burgers, hello to Kiwi career app

The New Zealand government has released the 2015 Occupation Outlook report and mobile app, which allows students in tertiary education and secondary school to compare 50 different careers.

Steven Joyce, Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister, says it provides information from employers, industries, the education sector and labour market analysts.

He says it gives an overview of job demand, likely income levels and training requirements, and this helps students along with their families to make career and study choices.

“We know that New Zealand is quickly developing a more highly-skilled economy. That means it is more important than ever for students to consider carefully their tertiary study options with future career options in mind. This free Occupation Outlook App provides all the crucial information to help make those career choices," says Joyce.

This is the third annual Occupation Outlook report and app, and Joyce says it reflects how the job market is changing.

"There is no doubt that the demand for some types of work is growing more rapidly than for others, while demand for unskilled people is growing at a much lower level," he says.

"Access to high-demand higher-skilled occupations such as engineering and ICT that provide stimulating work and good incomes is often determined by the study choices young people make before they enter senior secondary school,” Joyce says.

“While not everyone wants to be an engineer, it is important that young people know all the options that are available and the subjects that lead to them," he says.

On the app the 50 occupations are ordered according to the Government’s Vocational Pathways programme.

The groups are: Construction and Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Technology, Primary Industries, Service Industries, Creative Industries, and Social and Community Services.

This year’s report includes two special features on careers in the manufacturing and the primary industries.

Joyce says New Zealand's traditional manufacturing industries, based on primary sector processing, are vital to the economy, and job prospects in this area are growing rapidly.

On top of this, he says job prospects in the niche hi-tech manufacturing sectors are also growing, due to the fact they are increasingly seeking skilled graduates at degree and diploma level.

Another key growth area is the primary industries, and Joyce says a job here offers many pathways and opportunities for specialisation.

“Whichever discipline that young people choose to study, it's important that they make the most of their tertiary education," Joyce says.

"It is clear from the Household Labour Force Survey that those with qualifications are less likely to be unemployed - and that continues through their working lives.”

“For example the unemployment rate for people with a bachelors degree or higher in New Zealand is currently just 3.2%, compared with 8% for those people without any qualification," he says.

The Occupation Outlook App includes several new features, such as improved search and share functions. It’s available for unlimited downloads from the App Store for iPhones and iPod touch devices, and the Google Play store for Android devices.

The Occupation Outlook report is published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and draws on a wide range of information, including employment trends and statistics; expertise from Careers NZ, tertiary institutions, and industry stakeholders; as well as qualification completions and graduate information from the Ministry of Education.

Click here for the full report.

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