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Scene it? Box Office Smash! is the second outing for the Xbox 360 franchise based on the popular DVD movie trivia party game. It uses the same formula as its predecessor, Scene it? Lights, Camera, Action and offers a slightly more rounded, polished experience.

The game uses movie references, clips, photographs and sounds as the basis for a series of trivia question and puzzle rounds. The game still has a sniff of cheap daytime game show about it, and the dialogue can get a little grating at times.
It would be great if there was a little more interaction with the game; to be able to pick a genre or decade, for instance. It can be frustrating trying to guess answers to questions relating to old film clips that you not familiar with, but this is a minor gripe.

The most exciting addition is the use of your Xbox 360 avatar in the game. It’s fun to see your avatar getting mad at losing or dancing for joy when you win. I hope that we start to see lot more games using avatars in the future.

The Xbox Live online multiplayer option is also a welcome feature. Whilst the solo games are fun, it is much more satisfying to play against real people.  An online game is a great way to play if you have no friends or if you are an insomniac.

 While you can use the Xbox 360 controllers, the authentic game show experience can only be gained by using the Microsoft big button pads available in a special bundle. The buttons are fun to use and worth the extra cash.

Overall, Scene it? Box Office Smash offers movie fans an enjoyable experience. However, I felt it could have been a lot better if it broke away from the formula of its predecessor, instead of playing it safe. Fans of the first game are going to like this one, and the online multiplayer is a big plus. For newcomers, it does what it says on the tin, and it is especially fun with a few friends and some beers.

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