Small victory for Samsung in patent battle

17 Aug 11

Samsung has earned a small victory in the patent dispute with Apple over alleged similarities between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and the iPad.

ZDNet cites a Dutch report saying an injunction on sales of the Samsung tablet in the European Union have been lifted, after the Korean manufacturer successfully argued that the German court did not have the right to prohibit sales across the entire EU. 

The injunction has thus been lifted for every country in the EU bar Germany.

In New Zealand, the tablet is due to go on sale this week, despite similar legal action in Australia.

Meanwhile, Apple has come under fire for allegedly providing false evidence in the patent case.

Techspot reports that the same Dutch website has accused Apple of doctoring an image of the Galaxy Tab to make its dimensions more closely match those of the iPad.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 measures 256.7mm x 175.3mm, giving it an aspect ratio of 1.46. The tablet in Apple’s photo is said to have an aspect ratio of 1.36, compared with the iPad’s 1.30. 

Speculation is now around whether the mistake came about due to human error, or a deliberate attempt to mislead.

Apple and Samsung are due back in court on August 25.

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