Sony names date for 3D Display

20 Oct 11

Sony have announced the release date for their new 3D Display, unveiled at this year’s E3 and promising to revolutionise multiplayer gaming.

Although the unit is only a display, ie. isn’t fitted with an internal TV tuner, it can be set to use its 3D technology so that two players looking at the same screen see two different 2D images.

The technology removes the need for split-screen modes when playing multiplayer games at one location, making it impossible for sneaky opponents to peek at your screen to uncover your location. 

The 3D Display will be released in the US on November 13, a post on the PlayStation blog has revealed. 

The price isn’t too bad either, at US$500 for the 24-inch Display, one pair of 3D glasses, and the MotorStorm Apocalypse Blu-Ray game. 

Although there’s no word yet on whether we’ll see the device here, Sony has said it will be also made available in Canada, Europe, and areas of Asia including Japan.

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