Sony targets 10 million Vita sales

11 May 12

Despite record losses last year, and the fact they have not turned a profit in four years, Sony are predicting the sale of ten million Playstation Vitas this fiscal year.

As reported by Eurogamer, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai revealed in an earnings call this morning that Sony sold around 1.8 million Vita devices in the year to March 2012. That equates to four months on sale in Japan and just over one in most other countries. 

The company is looking to achieve 16 million handheld device sales from April 2012 to March 2013; if the PSP reaches its optimistic estimate of 6 million that leaves 10 million for the Vita.

The Vita’s Japan release saw 325,000 units sold in the first few days; however, by the week of February 13 those sales had dropped to just over 12,000 – less than the PSP in the same week. 

On February 28 a Sony release stated the Vita had sold 1.2 million units worldwide. If 1.8 million units had been sold as of March, the device is selling at a monthly rate of 600,000, or 7.2 million per year.

The contrast between these figures and the projected total is leading to speculation that Sony might just have something particularly ground-breaking up their sleeves, ready to be unveiled at E3 in a few weeks time. 

Is it possible Sony have got a sneaky plan to boost sales? Or are they simply projecting high to keep investors happy? Let us know what you think. 

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